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Law no. 470 of 1988 states that all Italian citizens who transfer their residence abroad must make a specific declaration to the competent Consular Office within 90 days from the date of arrival in the country of destination.
Registration for A.I.R.E. (Register of Italian Residents Abroad) is required to obtain the certificates that are issued to residents by the Consular Office. Registration also allows you to obtain a passport in a shorter time and to exercise your right to vote abroad.
Registration in A.I.R.E starts from the date of submission of the application to the Consular Office.
The Italian Municipality may automatically register a citizen in A.I.R.E. if there is evidence of the fact that the concerned citizen resides permanently abroad.
Likewise, the Consular Office can also request registration of a citizen for whom it has ascertained effective and permanent residence abroad on the occasion of carrying out any consular service (for example, the issuing of a passport).

How to register
The application for registration in A.I.R.E. is free and can be made from home. To do this, you need to connect to the FAST-IT online portal:

The portal will ask you to upload the following documents:
• Valid passport (also the page with the visa);
• Proof of permanent residence (e.g. rental agreement, registration of households).

In case of problems, you must contact the email address by sending:

• duly completed registration form (see Forms section on this website);
• valid passport (also page with visa);
• proof of permanent residence (e.g. rental contract, registration of households).

Changes of personal data
Italian citizens residing in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia are required to inform the Embassy of any changes regarding:
• citizenship
• address abroad
• marital status
• composition of the household
• name change

As for the change of address, it can be made directly on the FAST-IT portal, which provides this service. Alternatively, it is possible to send the appropriate form (see Forms section on this website), duly completed and signed, together with a copy of the passport and proof of residence (e.g. rental contract, household name) by email to the following address: